Return on Investment

KnowledgeBench delivers the most rapid and tangible return on investment through a combination of early benefits delivery and intelligent commercial models.

For example, a major pharmaceutical company estimates that KnowledgeBench saves over £1,000,000 per year by freeing up 15 scientist/engineer days per product per year. As they develop around 100 new products per year, this gives a saving of over 1500 days per year.

KnowledgeBench is also designed to be delivered using Agile management methods. These are methods that focus on delivering benefit early, whilst maintaining quality. They also focus on being responsive to change - a key aspect in developing solutions in creative and hard to define area such as new product development. KnowledgeBench's development process is based on the ADAPT process from IndigoBlue a leading consultancy in Agile methods. Using ADAPT we aim to provide the first working deliverable - production quality functions able to be used and provide business benefit - within one month

KnowledgeBench has also put together one of the most innovative commercial packages available, recognising that many organisations may wish to implement KnowledgeBench in a specific domain or location and then grow it over time. We also recognise that up front payment for product licences or configuration may be difficult in today's capital conscious environment. A variety of options are available including monthly payment schemes and amortised service costs. These combined with discounts for smaller organisations ensure that KnowledgeBench is the most cost effective solution for any business. We can even host the application for you, freeing you from support and infrastructure issues.