Similar to most leading companies we aim to recruit and retain the best people. Unlike most companies we succeed. Through a combination of competitive salary packages and stock bonuses we ensure that our consultants are fully rewarded for the contribution they make.

But employment doesn't stop at remuneration. We challenge our people and work hard to create a professional yet relaxed environment in which initiative and talent can prosper. This is reflected in a strong culture, one of excellence, openness and fun, values in which we believe in strongly and which we encourage.

We wish to recruit people with the drive, intelligence and clarity of thinking that can contribute to our development. If this sounds like you then please check the current opportunities that exist at Knowledgebench for experienced IT professionals and Knowledge Engineers.

Call us now on +44 (0) 20 7504 1073 and ask for recruitment. Alternatively email us at recruit@knowledgebench.com enclosing your CV and covering letter.