New Product Development Introduction

New product development is the lifeblood for any product organisation. Without the rapid delivery of new or improved products to meet changing market needs or exploit new opportunities, revenue streams can wither and sales pipelines dry up. But the development of new products is not an exact science; it requires creative individuals working with each other in teams that may often have competing objectives, yet require tight integration and sharing of information. Attempting to regulate matters and instil quality by imposing rigid process flows or information repositories is inadequate; the new product development process is usually too complex and unstructured to be adequately mapped and information sources to various to be tightly regulated.

KnowledgeBench is designed to bring better quality, control and effectiveness to new product development. It does this by acknowledging the deficiencies of previous tightly regulated approaches, and allowing a high-level process to be mapped and then supported via:

  • Advanced decision support incorporating artificial intelligence to encapsulate and model decision processes within an organisation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Data mining
  • Goal Centric Workflow
  • Portal interface to provide a single desktop accessing all relevant information and software tools to support new product development teams
  • Integration with existing data and applications