New Product Devlopment

New Product Development, regardless of the market sector, has a number of activities that typically need to be carried out prior to product launch. KnowledgeBench supports all of these in the following ways:

Research, Discovery & Creation - The generation of an original idea or the adaptation of an existing product relies on comprehensive knowledge of many different things; market requirements, existing features, legal and regulatory standards, physical and chemical properties to name a few. By capturing existing knowledge on products and the process and activities used to create them and providing comprehensive access to data from a variety of sources in a structured and easy to use way, KnowledgeBench supports scientists, engineers, managers and other personnel involved in generating new product ideas.

Design & Formulation - From the moment an idea is generated or a compound discovered, time is of the essence in turning that discovery into a product that can be launched. KnowledgeBench's advanced knowledge capture and decision support facilities prevent costly mistakes and build on existing corporate skills in developing products. Information analysis, knowledge management and integration between disparate applications, data and resources helps you manage competing resources and focus everyone on the end goal - a successful launch.

Scale-up & Costing - By providing timely information on the product development and enabling rapid re-work as scale up and testing are carried out, KnowledgeBench gives confidence that full scale manufacture will avoid problems and costly rework post-launch. Furthermore, by providing comprehensive access to all parts of product development, as well as outside suppliers, products and processes can be designed as cost-effectively as possible.

Testing - Testing underpins all aspects of new product development. It ensures quality and safety, enhancing public reputations and satisfying auditors. It is often the most costly and complex area of new product development, requiring close integration with outside bodies. KnowledgeBench provides tools to assist with the design and construction of testing strategies and tests. By providing clean and efficient two way access to product data and test results it enables the rapid analysis of relationships and identification of significant results and trends enabling action to be taken at the earliest opportunity.

Marketing - marketing relies on understanding the opportunities for new products as well as the features and constraints of new products as they are developed. KnowledgeBench provides focused summary information on a product development enabling effective marketing strategies to be constructed and vital market information to be rapidly fed-back to the product development teams.

Regulatory Control & Safety- it is vital that new products are safe to use when launched and that relevant regulatory standards are met Regulatory and safety controls are more stringent today than ever before. By capturing and modelling best practice and providing process guidance KnowledgeBench helps ensure the highest standards are met and regulations fully complied with.

Portfolio Management - new products are not developed individually. Many different developments occur simultaneously and different variations of new products for different regions or markets may be required. By providing a single comprehensive repository of new product development information, KnowledgeBench helps managers to track progress, monitor constraints and ensure that resources are targeted where they are needed most.