The Four Forces

New Product Development has four forces acting upon it that must all be supported in order to maximise the effectiveness of the development process. These are:

Creativity: The development of new products is a creative process that requires imagination and insight as well as experience and discipline. Attempting to unnecessarily constrain the process can lose the vital spark required to create market leading products

Change: Change is inevitable. Exceptions occur. Personnel transfer. Because new product development is dealing with uncertainties, change occurs constantly and the development process has to be flexible enough to accommodate this change. More than this it should actually support change, making it easy to revise and rework in a timely and effective manner

Communication: Problems can often occur when effective communication breaks down. Activities are repeated unnecessarily, previous results ignored and misunderstandings occur. Although often ignored, any process must encourage and support effective communication in order to maximise the productivity of new product development

Collaboration: Developing new products is a complex activity, requiring disparate teams with different skill sets to work together towards a common aim. Capturing knowledge, sharing results, challenging ideas and encouraging innovation all need to be supported to ensure that the development process achieves maximum effectiveness.

KnowledgeBench offers tools to support each of these four forces. Knowledge elicitation, capture and management, flexible process guidance, integration between teams and their applications and advanced decision support and information analysis tools allow creativity to be fostered within an ordered but flexible process environment.