Key Features and Benefits

KnowledgeBench provides

  • Facilities to help manage excipient, ingredient, formulation and recipe data including report and label generation.
  • An advanced rules engine to provide expert systems to help create new formulations and recipes based on marketing briefs or ingredient characteristics.
  • Advanced pattern matching search facilities to enable finding “most similar” formulations or recipes.
  • Process modelling and tracking facilities to enable control of the NPD process and provide comprehensive management and regulatory facilities.
  • Knowledge Management via a portal based web interface enabling full collaboration on NPD documents and information and integration with existing databases and applications

The benefits of KnowledgeBench include

  • Faster time to market and higher throughput of products
  • Reduced effort in producing new formulations, recipes and products
  • Risk reduction by capturing existing expertise from within a company
  • Reduced materials and production costs
  • Higher quality from ensuring best practice is followed
  • Better management and control of NPD process
  • Ensure regulatory compliance