Product Features

KnowledgeBench is designed on an open systems platform to be scaleable and extremely efficient. Its platform is an industry standard Java application server. KnowledgeBench is compatible with Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic Server, Jetty and other J2EE platforms. The web front end can be hosted by the application server or fronted by an Apache web server or Microsoft's IIS web server.

A KnowledgeBench application consists of three parts:

  • an underlying knowledgebase containing background information about ingredients, their properties, past formulations, and anything else required by the application (find out more about the knowledgebase)
  • a collection of rulesets to provide the functionality and decision processing (find out more about the rules engine)
  • a set of web pages to solicit input from the user and display the results and reports (find out more about the user interface)

In addition, KnowledgeBench provides an integration engine to combine data from external sources such as company relational databases and other systems, and advanced search facilities for finding relevant information quickly.